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Show at El Diablito Cabaret!

November 23
This saturday 23rd at El Diablito Cabaret! Get the tickets at Music Shop!

Presentamos cd y dvd en Capital!

October 12
Presentamos disco por partida doble: Tecnópolis a las 18hs con entrada libre y gratuita y en Oliverio Girondo Tango - Vera 574 a las 23hs (Villa Crespo) Capital Federal!

STL at Berlin Pub - Rosario

September 21
First show atfer Euroepan gigs. This saturday we will be playing VIVO en ROSARIO at Berlín Pub. Door open at 22 - Show at 23!

STL at Tarbes Tango Festival - FRANCIA

August 20 - 2013
We played at the most important tango festival of Europe. On August 20th we gave a performance at the Milonga du Mercadieu on Tarbes Tango Festival (16th Edition)...during the trip we played at the south of The Netherlands too. See the pics on our facebook.


Nov 20 - 
18hs /  

Pueblada - Arequito Square - Arequito - Santa Fe

Jul 17 - 
22hs /  

Tango meets Rock - Mcnamara - San Martín y Tucumán - Rosario